How to manifest better by raising your vibration to love or above

The Hawkins Love or Above scale goes from 1 (very low) to 1000 (very high). Here are some common levels on the scale

  • Shame 20
  • Guilt 30
  • Apathy 50
  • Grief 75
  • Fear 100
  • Desire 125
  • Anger 150
  • Pride 175
  • Courage 200
  • Neutrality 250
  • Willingness 310
  • Acceptance and Forgiveness 350
  • Reason 400
  • Love 500
  • Joy 540
  • Peace 600
  • Gratitude 600-800
  • Enlightenment 700-1000

To manifest you want to be at 500 or above. It is hard to manifest anything when you are in a state of shame (20) because shame means ‘I am not enough’. While Desire is a major motivator for many people to change the downside is that it can lead to addiction to things such things as sex, money, prestige, or power. So it it is not effortless manifesting. Other issues prevent effortless manifesting at the other levels before 500. When get to a vibration of Love or Above at the 500 level you can easily manifest what you want in your life and live using your intuition.

Many techniques will raise your vibration. From meditating to making gratitude lists to blessing yourself and others with light. The tools in the Love or Above course let you raise your vibration level.

And when you have raised your vibration then take inspired actions in the physical world – call someone, send email, do some work on a project or what ever comes to your intuition when you think “What will it take to manifest ___?”.

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