High Achievers vs Struggling Abundance

Recently TheFoundation.com surveyed it alternative business graduates to find out what the difference was between those who succeeded and those who did not.

The results are interesting.

Foundation High Achievers Vs Struggling Students

Many things were the same for both groups as they created their own businesses:

  • Excitement, nerves, scared
  • Consume content
  • Positive and negative emotions
  • Sometimes got stuck


It is how they handled their fear and uncertainly internally that made the difference:

  • Created a “why” vision for project
  • Immediate action
  • All results (+ or -) viewed as progress and learning
  • Regular reflection on what happened
  • Tweak approach based on reflections
  • If stuck ask for help
  • Positive feedback loop on above behaviors for more success

Notice how their internal patterns and beliefs affected their actions which dramatically affected their results.

Could you get some ideas for new WWIT*s from this?

Would clearing all your money blocks by listening to the Unlimited Abundance recordings change your actions, change your results?

* WWIT = What Would It Take, a Christie Marie Sheldon clearing term

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