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Video review of Love or Above

Love or Above – first thoughts

I had been looking at Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above course  for several weeks  not sure if I really wanted to get it. It seemed a bit out there. And I was already doing her Unlimited Abundance course and I wasn’t sure if Love or Above would really add anything to what I already had. Anyway a few weeks later I signed up for the free webinar thinking what do I have to loose? – and the clearing in that was amazing – I felt my body trembling and I knew old baggage was being released. So I figured I would give the course a try. If it didn’t work I knew there was a money back guarantee.

What is the Love or Above vibration scale?

The Love or Above scale for humans goes from 1 to 1000. At the lowest end is so one who is very unhappy and not living a fulfilled life at all. For example, the energetic value of shame is 20, and shame means ‘I am not enough’.  At Energetic frequency 1000 is the highest state a human being can attain as an Enlightened Master and have all of your Manifesting flows opened up and life would work for you fantastically.

Here is more of the scale:

  • Shame 20
  • Guilt 30
  • Hate 50
  • Grief 75
  • Fear 100
  • Anger 150 (because Anger is a moving energy that moves you past the apathy that can accompany fear and grief)
  • Courage 200
  • Acceptance and Forgiveness 350
  • Love 500
  • Joy 540 (the level where healing occurs)

The average number on the planet is only 207 right now. 500 is the level of love. The energetic frequency and truth in this statement “What is held in the mind as in visioning tends to manifest” calibrates at 505. So manifesting is easier after level 500.

Living life from the level of Love, or Above, manifests your life, your way. If your Vibration is below 500, and unfortunately most people are, it’s hard to manifest and you may not be as happy as you could be. (You can read more about the vibration scale here)

Is Your Energetic Frequency Holding You Back from Being A Magnet For Wealth, Health, And Joy?

This is what Christie says:

“I had one Client, Carolina, who came to me and could not get her love life to work. She was recently divorced and attracting not very great men. She was frustrated. She wanted to throw in the towel! She came to me for help with why she could not manifest a great guy into her life. We worked on upgrading her Energetic Frequencies, and a few months ago, she met a really great guy. This was after being blocked for over 2 years! She called me the other day to thank me and let me know how grateful and happy she was.

You see when her energetic frequency vibrated at the right level, the mate showed up. And it wasn’t just any man…it was a compatible man that she did not have to fix or change or settle for. If she had not changed her dense lower energies into something new, she would still be waiting for someone great to show up!! She said being with him is indescribable. Carolina said, “Christie, I really do finally understand how this all works. That I have to clear myself first so that I am vibrating at the exact Frequency necessary to make it all happen.”

You see, she became the Love or Above energy. She lived it. That’s why if you read a bunch of books, you won’t change – unless you live it and become what the author is talking about. Embodying and Being the Energy at the highest level possible is what creates your successful life.

Love or Above – what I did not like

There are somethings that I didn’t like about the Love or Above program. For starters Christie does like to laugh and giggle a lot in the sessions. At first I didn’t think this was professional. But I have to say that is just who she is and as I worked through the course I got used to it and grew to like her light hearted approach yet practical approach to life.

Then there is the time commitment – 45 minutes per day can seem like a lot of time to devote to personal growth. That is why I did mine when I fist woke and listened to the recordings in bed – seemed less like work that way!  I guess you could listen to them in the car but I would be concerned about the trance like state that the clearings can produce and obviously you can not close your eyes when driving! I have done this before with other personal growth CDs and it can work, so that would be my second choice of “found time”.

BTW I don’t think daily listening is required by Christie for Love or Above – it was just that I wanted the fastest possible route to  an abundance and happy life!

Love or Above – what I liked

I bought the downloads version of Love or Above because I didn’t want to wait for shipping of CDs and it was cheaper too. But did I chose to get the 45 day daily course option because I was concerned that I might buy the course and then not take the time to actually use the materials! That was a smart move for me because the daily emails in this option reminded me what I needed to focus on. And the extra PDF notes for each day actually had some very good tips in them for keeping your vibration high. I also appreciate that the audio comes with full transcripts because after listening to the sessions it gave me a quick way to review the material and mark up key points with a highlighter. (I did this on my Kindle but you could do on a printout with a marker pen too). Personally I learn better when I can both listen and read something.

I started using some of the the techniques from the course every day:

  • Blessing myself and others with love and light.
  • Creating my day with the blessing ball of light.
  • Ending my day with a clearing for anywhere that my vibration had been lower than love

The more often I connected with the light (which is of the methods that Christie teaches in the course) during my day the better I started to feel. And the better my days were going. I had more synchronisties. More work came into my business and I was just generally happier and calmer. When a problem did come up I knew that everything would work out fine. My vibration is permanently higher!

Love or Above – several months later

There is a lot of material and techniques in the Love or Above course – I have probably only used 25% of what is in there and the results have been so amazing that I have been going back and replaying the audios and re-reading the transcripts and notes for new ideas on vibration raising.

I am still using the tools from the program everyday and I am very grateful that I took a chance and tried out the Love or Above program.

If you want to learn more about Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above course the official site with full details and the free Energetic Breakthrough Kit is here:

Love or Above

Thanks for reading and may you shift your life to be at love or above too!


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