What to do if you feel spacey, tired or exhausted after doing abundance clearings

A read of my blog wrote:

“When I bought Unlimited Abundance I wanted fast results so I did one session per day. In the beginning it was fine. After ten session (a new one each day) I felt really strange things.

I feel spacey and tired and exhausted. and feel like I am not hungry and feel fleeting. My mind is somewhere else.

Of course, I have stopped proceeding to the 11th session for now. I do that separate energy clearing session. Also, sometimes in my mind, I say Christie’s clearing statements.

Q: Did you feel this kind of symptoms? does it mean heavy energies are leaving or something else?

How long does it take to feel lighter again?

Also, I’ve been thinking of buying Love or Above Program. You did it whilst you were on Unlimited Abundance or after you completed it? Does it help/accelerate the process if we do it together?

A: It is normal to feel spacey, tired and floating when clearing lots of old patterns.

I suggest you ground more as you do this work:

  • connect with nature
  • do some yoga or other exercise
  • drink plenty of water
  • get lots of sleep

Yes this is the clearing of old patterns. If you are concerned then slow down your use of the program and do every other day.

I bought Love or Above during my use of Unlimited Abundance. They work well together. For me it did accelerate the process. Of course I was also spending twice as much time listening to recordings….

I recommend you get to a quiet place and ask your own intuition what is best for you personally.


Q: Once this pattern or energies are released, do they come back?
or are they  gone forever?

A: They are gone. Some patterns take longer to remove. You can tell because when you listen to the same program a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc time you won’t click out, yawn, feel tired or how every you did your releasing. And you with feel differently in your life as these issues come up

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