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I have been studying abundance and personal growth courses for about 12 years now. I have worked on various money blocks and financial beliefs that were getting in my way. I was interested in Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance course but couldn’t find any good reviews of it. So! I decided to put together my review, both the good and the bad, based on using the course. I hope it helps some others in their journey.

I run a software company aMichael Smithnd also teach yoga and do energy healing. I love to travel too, currently I am traveling in South America. I grew up in England then after college I moved to Holland for 2 years before living in the States for 21 years. I have gone through periods were money came in easily then it left again due to extra expenses or a drop in income. I have had to deal with bill collectors and credit card problems over the years. Now I am on the way to paying off my debts. And perhaps more importantly I am less stressed about money than I used to be.

FYI my review site contains affiliate links, which don’t affect the cost and do give me a commission. You can search on google if you want to find these items without that. I only recommend things I have enjoyed and really believe can help others too.

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    • It has been working great! I have been busy traveling the last few months and I promise I will post my review of UA soon. I used it every day to create my day and during the day to clear issues as they come up. I also have used it to bring new clients to me and before client meetings to manifest a great outcome.

      Update: I posted the Unlimited Abundance review

  1. thank you for your review. I am very interested in these materials but on the edge about the price. i run a small non profit artists organization that also works with the homeless. justifying spending so much on my own education is difficult for me when it literally means i have less to feed others with. I know that is a catch 22 if the program works i will have more to share with others it is just a bit scary to plunk down this money right before winter hits. I was glad that your site linked me to a months free lessions. i appreciate your taking initiative and sharing. sincerely, carolyn


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