Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance review

This is a review of Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance program and is not related to the official site, rather is a where I write as honestly as I can about Christie’s products, both what has worked and what hasn’t.

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Unlimited Abundance

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First thoughts

When I first heard about  I was a bit skeptical. Could listening to audio recordings of live clearing sessions really do any thing? And how could one woman’s change energy in thousands of people around the world to make them abundant? I wanted to find out for myself but was a bit concerned about the price tag. An initial web search showed that the live set of Unlimited Abundance sessions had cost $1000. Could I even afford these recordings? I was feeling a little bummed out and not sure if this would be for me when I joined one of her webinars.

During the webinar I learned some interesting things about energy and old stuck patterns that can block our abundance without our conscious mind realizing it. Plus Christie did a clearing during the webinar and I felt the energy in my body moving. To be honest I was pretty wiped out afterward – must have been all those old patterns clearing or something! Anyway the offer was much less expensive that I thought it would be and came with a money back guarantee. I figured if it worked it would be more than 10 times worth what was being charged and I could find out for myself by trying it. So I went ahead and bought Unlimited Abundance.

Trying Unlimited Abundance out for the first time

The first thing that struck me was how professional and friendly the MindValley folks who sell Christie’s program were. They really seem to believe in the products that they sell and the instant downloads and organized pages for studying the material was a big help. I quickly downloaded all 24 clearing sessions, all the notes and transcripts and loaded the first one into my MP3 player so I could listen to it when I woke up the next morning. (I find that these kind of clearing tapes work best for me first thing when my mind is clear and there are no distractions, however I have also listened at other times of day with good results too, I just need to be more disciplined to cut out interruptions!)

The next morning at 5am I woke up and put the MP3 player’s earbuds in and relaxed in bed. Christie’s voice is very friendly and loving, and she obviously knows her stuff when it comes to money and abundance in general. Both from the spiritual side and the practical side. And when she helped us bring in the light and love energy my body felt wonderful. Then she did a rapid fire bunch of clearings and I don’t know if I went into a trance or fell asleep again but when the first session ended I felt very heavy and tired and I rolled over and went back to sleep for two and half hours!

Noticing the results of Unlimited Abundance

When I woke up again I felt like something had shifted in me, and I repeated the same program a few more days until I was able to listen to the whole session without falling asleep. It is my guess that when my higher self hears some clearings that my conscious mind can not take yet it just sends me to sleep so that I can hear the message in my subconscious without resistance from my ego. I was feeling good about the program but it was when I checked my mail and there were two large checks I had been waiting more than a month for that I knew in my heart that the program was starting to work!

After a few weeks I also noticed that I was no longer procrastinating about money related tasks – I completed a long put off tax task and instead of it being a dreaded task I got it done without stress. That definitely wasn’t the case in the past! I was also starting to take an interest in my finances and cleaning some old financial messes in my bank accounts and I even started putting a budget together and enjoyed doing it. Now you need to understand that before Unlimited Abundance I hated budgets! So this was weird (in a good way) behavior for me. I could see that the program was working.

As well as the clearings Christie had lots of good advice and gave me a much better understanding of what abundance is – not just being rich but feeling abundant not matter how much money I have in my pocket, and knowing with certainty that I can manifest what ever I need with the universe’s help. Also being in good relationships, loving myself and being healthy and happy every day. Having the PDF slides from each session and the full transcripts of all the sessions helped me when I was studying the material and making my own list of abundance methods and money tips. I also like that I can email Christie and her team any time with questions about the material and get back answers within a day or two.

What is didn’t work for me about Unlimited Abundance?

There are somethings that I didn’t like about the Unlimited Abundance program. For starters Christie does like to laugh and giggle a lot in the sessions. I was kinda irritated at first by this because I took money and debt so seriously at the time. But I have to say that is just who she is and as I worked through the course I got used to it and grew to like her light hearted approach yet practical approach to life.

Then there is the time commitment – 45 minutes per day can seem like a lot of time to devote to personal growth. That is why I did mine when I fist woke and listened to the recordings in bed – seemed less like work that way! And if I woke up in the middle of the night and could not sleep I would often listen to the session then and fall back to sleep afterwards. I guess you could listen to them in the car but I would be concerned about the trance like state that the clearings can produce and obviously you can not close your eyes when driving! I have done this before with other personal growth CDs and it can work, so that would be my second choice of “found time”.

BTW I don’t think daily listening is required by Christie for Unlimited Abundance – it was just that I wanted the fastest possible route to abundance because I had hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt from a business that did not go well and I wanted to get it paid off pronto! I wanted to be free of money stress!

Several Months later

It took me about 2-3 months to listen to each session several times. During this time I sold my house at a good price (when it had been sitting on the market for over five months previously) and I got several new clients too. Perhaps more importantly I no longer felt stressed over money. I have read that when you change a old pattern the universe will sometimes test you with a situation that would have triggered that pattern in the past. I certainly got a few of those tests with “money panics” that in the past would have stressed me out to the max! But this time I reacted differently – as though those patterns and ways of being were no longer me. I didn’t get stressed, I used some of the tools from Unlimited Abundance to shift my vibration, and the situations shifted for the better.

One of the other major shifts is that I now feel in my gut that I deserve to be abundant, whereas before when a windfall piece of money came in I would feel a bit guilty and nervous that I might loose it – and sure enough most times an unexpected expense would appear or other income would dry up for a month and I would be back where I started. Now when extra income comes in I feel joyful and grateful and know that abundance is here to stay with me.

I am still using the tools from the program everyday and I am very grateful that I took a chance and tried out the Unlimited Abundance program.

If you want to learn more about Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance the official site with full details and the free intro abundance clearing webinar is here:

Unlimited Abundance

Thanks for reading and may you shift your life to be abundant too!

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